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Tower Garden, greenhouse, and all accessories for sale (52 plant slots)  


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July 31, 2017 7:20 pm  

Authentic 13 ring Tower Garden and greenhouse enclosure. Includes everything needed to grow 52 individual plants in a 5ft x 6ft area. The whole setup is only 3 months old. Moving off island and it needs to go. Accessories included are:

- Tower Garden system with 13 rings (52 plant slots)
- 5’ X 6’ X 12’ greenhouse
- Extra water pump
- Emergency power supply (so WAPA outages won't harm the system)
- Concentrated nutrient solution (food/fertilizer)
- Stone wool medium
- Germination trays with lids
- PH up/down solutions
- PH test kit
- Dozens of packs of vegetable and herb seeds
- Roll-around storage tote (to organize the above)

$725.00 FIRM.

Optional: Bluelab Guardian Monitor (automatically displays the health of the nutrient solution) - $200.00

Call Richard at 916-943-8888

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