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Trade housing for renovation

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I am planning to move to STX somewhere around August. I spent 3 months on the island back in 2012 and wish to return full time. Seeing how I have several months before this expected move I thought I might give this message board a try. My professional background is in the building material/construction industry and I was considering the possibility of finding someone who may be interested in trading my experience with home improvement and renovation for housing. I am open to discussing individually with anyone who may be interested about any specific scope of work needed and duration. I enjoy all DIY work. I am a friend of Bill W’s and am hoping this board may open up an opportunity. Thanks!

Posted : February 27, 2015 4:30 pm
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Hello Bill,
Have you found an August solution? I have a great Studio apt but also may have to go to the states for a couple weeks in August so the house may be available. I also have some jobs that need to get done and this may be a match. Are you OK with a dog?
Please let me know how we can discuss.
Mary Ann

Posted : May 5, 2015 8:37 am
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Mary Ann,

August solution not yet finalized. Oars in water, but prefer birds in hand... Since original post have taken sabbatical in Georgia. Interesting story. I''ll leave it at that for now. I am writing a memoir. I put myself out there (on-line) very cautiously. I seek my dream. It is Island life. But I'm not just a dreamer. I plan my dream. How we can discuss?

I will share honestly who I am. Expect nothing but the same. I read these posts. Take everybody with a grain of salt. I'm a good dude. Old school style. Bring my share of life to meet a friend and opportunity. Give more than I ever take (which is none!) I love working on homes. It is a gift of mine. I need housing to get this gig started. I'll communicate with you, necessarily, for you to get a comfort level established.

I will give you my personal email address, which is,

A simple resume I can forward to you if you are interested. References as well..

Dog sitch way cool...


Posted : July 8, 2015 1:15 pm
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