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Unwanated Furniture WANTED!!!!! STX


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September 23, 2009 7:35 pm  

If you have unwanted furniture and looking for it to just go away. Drop me a line!!! Can pick up!!
Looking for bed (Full or Queen), Couch and chairs, coffee and end table(s). Dresser(s) TV's (working), Ceiling fans, Patio furniture, Gas Grill (working or not). Don't care what condition is it in as long is it is JUNK.

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September 23, 2009 7:47 pm  

I have a question for you. What (who) is it for? Are you planning to refurbish and sell, donate, etc. or are you looking for something for yourself?

I occasionally have pieces to discard, but I donate them to either the Animal Shelter flea market or the Women's Coalition. Sometimes I have items that I consider too "junk" to even donate, and we just sit them outside the dumpsters. (like a chaise lounge with 20 straps, and 5 of them are broken and not easily repaired)

Do you know about Freecycle? There is a STX chapter. You can google it to find them.

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