Moved to St. Croix and Leaving

House in north Georgia, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage in a beautiful new sub division...$145,000 Trip to the Virgin Islands, rental car, hotel, dining and unbelievable weather without…

“Good Morning” does go a long way

Busy getting things settled here. We all made it here with no problems. The dogs ended up coming a few days earlier to avoid the hurricane on the east coast.…

Why I am moving back to the States

Person 1: A lot of my perceptions are colored by living here for 10 years, and seeing the changes the islands have gone through, just like everywhere, I guess. There…

At least the dogs love it HERE

I got to work in March and thought things would get better there but not even close. The hotel is horrible and the complaints roll in every minute of the…

Settlers Handbook

Thinking about moving to the Virgin Islands?

The Settler's Handbook is a Indispensable Guide

The current 19th Edition, will help you explore your dream of island living. A solid reference book, it was first published in 1975. That's 40+ years of helping people move to the Virgin Islands.

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