I made an exploratory trip to St. Thomas and returned a few days ago. Within 5 days I was able to get a condo rented to live in and found a nice small business that distributes things on St. Thomas and St. John to bars and eating establishments that I may get involved with in addition to the business I am moving there. I found this through a friend from when I used to go to St. John all the time. I was amazed at what a big deal banks make about your address, but was able to get my bank accounts opened and a PO Box at Redhook mail services.

Found a place to rent near Redhook and will stay there until I find a more permanent place.

I was amazed at how tough the housing market is but you can do it with a lot of running around.

My plans are to live in St. Thomas about 2/3rds of the year and in Pennsylvania the other 1/3rd of the year. Though my plans were to move permanently to St. Thomas later in life I bet I will find myself staying now. After not being for a couple years, I had almost forgotten how absolutely beautiful the Islands are and how much nicer the life is if that is your thing. It definitely is mine.

I need to decide if I want to ship a vehicle or buy one here along with a ton of other things.

I will be coming to St. Thomas 10/22 and am really looking forward to it.

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