Water Island, located within St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie harbor, is a 491.5 acre treasure. The small population of fewer than 200 full and part time residents enjoy the tranquility of a largely commercial free island while having the conveniences of developed St. Thomas only a 10 minute boat/ferry ride away.

Water Island’s real estate market is small and fairly exclusive. The real estate possibilities are very limited in quantity due to the island’s small size and to a low turnover rate.

Approximately 100 homes dot the hills and valleys of Water Island. Most lots and homes offer a view of the ocean and many also have a view of neighboring St. Thomas and Hassel Island. Presently, February 2021, there are 18 listings on the Water Island real estate market.

There are 10 houses currently listed. They range from a 3 bedroom 3-bath house on .77 acres for $1,399,000; to an unfinished house on one acre for $199,000.

Properties with only a cistern and foundation do become available from time to time.

There is one condo development on Water Island however currently there isn’t any available units on the market.

Currently there are 8 land lots listed. Lots range from $140,000 for a 1.05 acre lot; to $225,000 for a .79 acre lot, both on the Southside of the island.

Foreclosures are non-existent on Water Island. Residents, for the most part, own their homes outright. Sale of any property for outstanding taxes is really unheard of on Water Island.

Market Inventory – Water Island

September 2006 9 5 4
November 2007 8 4 4
September 2008 17 10 7
October 2009 20 13 7
August 2010 35 25 10
August 2011 24 17 7
May 2012 27 16 10
August 2013 22 15 7
March 2015 18 6 11
September 2016 21 9 12
April 2019 15 4 11
February 2021 18 10 8

This section is dated February 2021; prices, property estimates and numbers reflect the market at the time this section was updated. Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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