There are car dealerships in the Virgin Islands that sell new and used vehicles. Individuals also sell their personal cars in newspaper classifieds under ‘used cars’ or ‘cars for sale’.

Should you Ship your Car

Things to think about when deciding whether to bring your car to the Virgin Islands with you.

  • Decide whether your car is worth enough to spend the money to transport it to the islands. If it’s not worth it then sell it in the states and buy a car when you get here.
  • You will be asked about your title on the car, if you do not have it you may be asked for a letter from your lender indicating you have permission to transport the vehicle off the mainland US. Ask the shipping company you are using for full details on required documents and/or letters.
  • Main roads are paved. There are some residences with dirt driveways.
  • Roads on St. Thomas & St. John are steep and curvy. (You’ll need a sturdy engine. Good Brakes.) St. Croix has more flat areas but also has some steep roads.
  • It is hot here. (You’ll need a good cooling system and AC if you want comfort.)
  • Can you get parts for your car here?
  • Salt in the air is hard on cars.
  • There are several taxes you will pay to bring a car into the territory.

Shipping your Car

Shipping barges for cargo will transport cars from ports generally on the east coast of the US mainland to St. Thomas and St. Croix. 

Contact some of the companies listed below for more information and quotes.

Contact Blue Ocean Transport

Contact Guardian Insurance

Contact Top of the Line Transport

Contact Centerline Car Rentals

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