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Lindquist Beach Clean-Up & Party SUNDAY

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On Sunday, August 11, there will be a beach clean up complete with food, beer and live music on Lindquist Beach. I heard the chef from XO will be cooking, there will be free beer and live music.

9 am- late

Dogs are also welcome!

So come out and help clean up!

Posted : August 8, 2007 5:21 pm
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Dogs are welcome? 🙂

Posted : August 8, 2007 11:39 pm
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Hi Jen!
I just moved to St. Croix a week ago. Forgive me but which island is this on? If it's on St. Croix my fiance and I would love to participate!

Posted : August 9, 2007 1:19 am
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Heard about this just this morning, and we are definetly going to be there !
Hope to meet some folks from this forum there !

Posted : August 9, 2007 1:35 am
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Lindquist is on STT....

Posted : August 9, 2007 12:08 pm
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Correction to my first post, it is Sunday but the date is the 12th.

Hope to see you all there! and your dogs 🙂

Is it ironic that it's a beach clean up and dogs are welcome ??? hehe

Posted : August 9, 2007 1:11 pm
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I am SO excited that dogs are allowed!

I will also bring lots of plastic bags since I am sure doggies will be adding to the mess.

Posted : August 9, 2007 2:28 pm
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Do the safari routes go out to lindquist? I've only been her two weeks so I still don't know where everything is yet.

Posted : August 11, 2007 3:40 am
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Yes they go right past the beach and you could easily signal to stop and get off there.

Posted : August 11, 2007 11:57 am
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