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There will be a very important community meeting held on Tuesday 12/7/10 at 5pm on Vessup Beach with regard to the steps the community must take to counter the corrupt move by our politicians last week, when, in a lame duck session the law written in 2004 to protect Vessup beach and to make it a local park (like that of Magen's and Lindqvist) was repealed!

This underhanded, hidden move was supported by only 6 senators out of 15!!

The Omnibus bill which contained the Vessup beach repeal was handed to the senators Monday morning. It had many, many provisions in it and was far too detailed for a one day review and vote, not to mention the bizarre inclusion of the Vessup Beach repeal. The bill was, shockingly, sponsored by Senator Louis Hill, the same senator who wrote the original bill to protect Vessup Beach.

FYI, The vote taken for the Omnibus bill on Monday night was as follows:

Senators absent: Donastorg, Barshinger, Malone, Williams, White, Sprauve (all ST/StJ)

Voted No: Nellie O'Rielly, Nelson, Richards (all from St X)

Voted Yes: Hill, N James, W James, Thurland, Sanes and Dowe

Only 6 senators (4 from St X who likely know little to nothing about Vessup beach) voted in the affirmative which was all that was apparently needed. Only TWO senators from St. Thomas voted for this bill, HILL and DOWE! It is clearly apparent that the others from our distrct knew this was a highly controversial move and wisely opted out of the vote.

We must come out in force in opposition to this kind of blatant government corruption where laws can be passed in complete secrecy from the public w/o so much as a word to those in the community who were so vocal and involved in the laws original creation and passage. If we fail as citizens to defend our rights and allow these people to vote for measures that are clearly so against public opinion, we are allowing them to dictate our future, not create it on our behalf.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Tuesday. Please spread the word!! I need your help!!

(Note: best place to park is at Latitude 18 parking lot at the end of Vessup Lane (road where Montessori School is located).

Posted : December 4, 2010 2:28 pm
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