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A new way of living and thinking in the Virgin Islands

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Too many people are pigs and don't care about anyone else. they live like pigs at home, and others should just put up with their lifestyle. Littering is a pet peeve of mine. It is so sad we have devolved over the generations to not care about anyone but ourselves. it is a damn shame, and that attitude along with lawyers and psychologists, who also care nothing about anyone else except their own self aggrandizement and fight against personal responsibility, are helping drive us to second class status in the world. the only other "top tier' societies as filthy a ours are many of the Asian countries. i was amazed after living in Asia for a few years, how filthy our country had become over the time I was gone. Japan is the exception. But they care more about others in their society than the individual. We don't give a crap about anyone but ourselves. there are exceptions, but I am speaking of the general population.

Posted : July 16, 2012 12:51 am
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