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Ok, as some of you have read, I'll be arriving 1/1. I've got temp housing lined up already and rental car, but have a few questions. I've heard the Red Hook area is a good place to live. Is this true? I'm wondering which part of the island (St Thomas) is best to look for permanent living. Not looking for anything fancy, but need furnished 1 bedroom apt that will sleep 2 for a decent price. Most likely a 6 month lease to start as that's the advice I've been given, but looking for something affordable too.

Also, do I have to have a physical address in order to set up a PO Box? I'll be staying at a temp hotel, but not sure if I can use that address to start out. I'm trying to figure out forwarding mail, changing addresses with all my accounts, etc, so trying to be prepared in advance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, do all of you ever meet up after chatting on this website all the time? I'd love to meet some of the people once I arrive that have helped me out so much.


Posted : November 4, 2008 3:29 pm
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Live on stx so I couldn't tell you the best place to live on stt. But yes, you need a physical address to get a P.O. box.

Posted : November 4, 2008 3:51 pm
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Red Hook is fine to live in but don't leap into anything since you don't have a job yet, correct? It's a pretty long trek through heavy traffic if you live in Red Hook & have to work on the west side or downtown. Not that people don't, but it's easier to wait to see what part of the island you like the best. Some would only live on the north side, while I prefer the south side.

Don't know the requirements at personal mail places such as Red Hook Mail Services but you could give them a call & ask.
340-779-1890. Definitely for a US p.o. box you need a physical address. I've always gotten my mail at private mail services.

Posted : November 4, 2008 4:09 pm
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I just got a PO Box on St. Croix using my stateside address. I just explained to them that I was in temporary housing and needed the Box to arrange my move. They were very helpful and I had no difficulties.

Posted : November 4, 2008 4:11 pm
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