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Crime in the Virgin Islands statistically speaking is fairly high, particularly on St. Croix and St. Thomas. (Statistically meaning the number of crimes in comparison to the population and area size.) St. John is quiet with the exception of a few thefts of items left unattended in parked open cars or on the beach. Water Island is also quiet. Crimes on St. Thomas and St. Croix fall into similar categories for the most part; domestic abuse and domestic violence including child molestation. These incidences often happen where victim and perpetrator know each other. Murder is also high; again this crime is often among persons who have knowledge of each other, often within the illegal drug business and taking place in known areas with drug problems. Drug related crimes have not spilled into the general residential communities on any of the islands. Crimes against visitors and tourist are very low, with an infrequent occurrence of bags being stolen. Car-theft occurs periodically and often in poorly lit areas.

Your best protection for the first couple of weeks as a new resident is to function as you would back home in an unfamiliar area, with care and caution and with your eyes open. If things do not seem quite right then leave. Once you have resided on the island for a couple weeks you will get to know what areas are problem areas. Active Police Departments are available throughout the U.S.V.I.
(from the moving center website)

Thinking logically:
The USVI is a PORT OF ENTRY into the United States. How does this affect crime? Like Detroit, Los Angelos, Miami... International drug trade and all goes through the VI as well. How does this affect Safety. Where there is drugs, crimes are committed to obtain them as well as from the affect of them and their usage. Don't flash your money or your jewelry. Ignore people you see that are obviously using (which I saw), selling (which I didn't see) or in a drug/alcahol haze (also saw). If you don't like the look of a street, turn around and spend the extra cash on a taxi.
People make it sound like your walking into this festering wound of crime and punishment. The USVI is just like any other place in the United States. There is law enforcement, Some bad and mostly good. It hurts a body to actually see how the reputation of third world islands has hurt the tourism trade of the USVI. I've heard on the Bahamas its like walking into a third world country outside the gates of Sandals. The depressed island ecomomy. People approaching you to sell you drugs and booze. The USVI is not like that. Have a little faith in the United States and its Territory to help in protecting you. Have some faith in your self that you know what to do in a situation. If somebody can go to LA, NY, Detroit, Cleveland, Miami and enjoy the vacation why not in Christiansted, Charlotte Amaile or Cruz Bay?

Posted : April 18, 2004 8:49 pm
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