Any NY Style pizza ...

Any NY Style pizza in stx?  

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If so, which is the best and are any around christiansted?

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Napolean's is very good (IMO) NY style Pizza. Get slices though, just like if you were in NY they are better as they get the "reheat" treatment for a crispy crust. They are in Peter's Rest across from Cost U Less or Fredericksted. They had a C'sted location but unfortunately it closed.

And while it's not very NY their seafood pizza is awesome.


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I thought the little pizza stand at Plaza Extra was great!

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Havent had any pizza that stands up to new york or chicago but palms at pelican cove (served at the bar, not the dining room) is pretty good at a great price of $12.00 and you cant beat the view.

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Sadly, you will be disappointed on St Croix for NY style. Every once in awhile, you will get one that will be good at several places, however, you will go again, and it wont be like the last one.

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