Anyone from Utah? I...
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Anyone from Utah? I'm going to Sundance and I'm scared...

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of the COLD!!!

Is it really that cold in January?

I have a full-length down coat but should I buy the extreme-weather extras? E.g. legwarmers, face masks, etc?
Or can I get away with jeans and boots and maybe a layered turtleneck? I have tons of fall clothing but have zero recollection of ski season.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Posted : November 6, 2007 2:22 pm
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Onika: Not from Utah but I lived there for a year. Yes, it is cold, but you will love it. Just bring gloves and a hat. You'll be inside a lot of the time. Especially after being here you will FREEEEEEEZZZZZZE! But it is beautiful and clean. I was in Minnesota last year in February and it was 20 below and a warm coat, gloves, hat and pants were okay with me. Have fun! Donna

Posted : November 6, 2007 4:42 pm
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I was in Park City two weeks ago. Arrived Friday afternoon and it was mid 70's. Started snowing that evening and didn't stop until Sunday. Absolutely beautiful, but freezing. We were underdressed but no big deal, just hangout in a bar.

I too lived in Utah and enjoyed the winters. You should be fine with a down coat, jeans and boots. But if you decide you need something warmer there are plenty of neat clothing stores in town along with an outlet center nearby to accomodate you.

You will love Sundance if you can handle the crowd.

Posted : November 6, 2007 6:27 pm
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Thanks for the feedback you two. Glad to hear I can survive it despite the fact that the coldest weather I have seen in the last 5 years is 50 degrees.

Cyrano, do you think the shops will be open during the Festival? I am so shopping-deprived I can totally see myself ditching a world-premiere movie to buy clothes!

Also, I heard it was a dry town? Am I misinformed? I am doing this with and for my Mom. She is a film-junkie. She has done all the festivals except Sundance and Cannes. One down in Jan., one to go.

Posted : November 6, 2007 6:50 pm
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I was in Oregon during Oct. It wasn't even cold yet, but I was freezing. The blood does get thinner! I only took ankle high gym socks, so my feet were cold a lot. Layering seemed to work best for me. I didn't have any real winter clothes, but a couple of layers of lighter weight clothes worked great. We flew over Utah and there seemed to be lots of snow already. Brrrr! Have fun.

Posted : November 6, 2007 7:24 pm
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The shops are open during the festival. You should be fine with a full-length down long as you forgo flip flops for real shoes and socks! 😀

Posted : November 6, 2007 8:09 pm
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Onika: I highly recommend a pair of long underwear for under your jeans or slacks. You can get silk and it won't be bulky, but will really improve your comfort level. Also LAYERING is the key. If you can beg or borrow some Polartec. And something over your ears. 😉

Posted : November 6, 2007 9:06 pm
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ditto, stores will be open and if you run out of things to do in Park City (very small town) you can head to SLC, only a half hour away. There are some nice stores at the Zion Mall and Gateway Center in downtown SLC. Plus the downtown is beautiful at night with the outdoor ice rink and the tabernacle and temple. Sundance shows some movies in SLC as well.

Utah is not dry but they don't make it easy either. You can order drinks at restaurants when ordering food. To drink at a bar/club you have to buy a $5 membership, good for a week at that particular bar. Go to another bar, pay another $5. Drinks are expensive and don't plan on getting more than an ounce of booze. That too is regulated. And, don't be surprised if you find the waitress/bartender standing next to you holding on to your second round while your still nursing the first. You can't have two drinks at the same time. Liquor and wine is sold at state liquor stores which are closed on Sundays. There is one in Park City.

Posted : November 6, 2007 9:08 pm
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Thanks all!

I am so excited. Especially to hear I can have a glass of red wine with dinner to heat up my organs.

EE. Long johns. That is what I meant but I said legwarmers. I think I was having a Flashdance flashback. Off to buy long johns!

Posted : November 7, 2007 3:06 pm
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A young man who works summers at the Buccaneer left this fall for college in NY. During his going away party I suggested he look into purchasing long johns. This child has lived on STX his entire life and DID NOT know what I was talking about.

His mother just got back from a short visit and tells me he know not only knows what they are but owns a pair.

Hve a good time Onika.

Posted : November 7, 2007 7:48 pm
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