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My husband wants to hire Chris and Matt Tavernier. Does anyone have any positive or negative things to say about them?
They seem nice, but I figured I would double-check.
Any other suggestions of people who did a great job, quickly (defined as keeping to the time they said it would take for them to do it), at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance!

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Any other suggestions of people who did a great job, quickly, at a reasonable price?

Having worked with numerous architects over the years on several different projects I can tell you anyone worth his/her salt (i.e. someone who will do a great job) will not be quick. As for being reasonably priced, that's relative and depends on YOUR definition of "reasonable". Good architects are not "cheap" - you get what you pay for.

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I'm doing a website for Springline Arcitechs in STT... based on their photos alone they do amazing work! Nice folks to work with from a business end also. No real experience other than that lol

Jerry Barth
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I hired Chris Tavernier for my house. I have nothing but great things to say about him. Please PM me if you want to know more about the whole process, it's quite a bit different than the states. Like Afriend said you get what you pay for and it won't be quick. I did use a different builder Rolando Asencious. Great guy as well, on time and on budget. I did watch a huge debacle at a nearby project involving 2 other contractors. It was a great learning experience and fortunate in that I knew who not to hire for our project.

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Hi Tia,

We are now building in Mahogany Run.

We hired Chris Tavernier to process the permits and he did a competent job. I cannot speak about him in another capacity since our engagement was so limited in scope.

For an architect we hired Mike Stauffer. He is licensed both in the Virgin Islands and Florida so he understands both worlds very well. His fees are reasonable compared to other architects in STT (we interviewed all who were members of the American Institute of Architects in the USVI) and we like that there is no overhead... big office, secretaries, etc. He has done an outstanding job for us. You will see once I post pictures of the final job (for the moment we are at the cistern level). We love architecture and design and are quite knowledgeable and detail oriented so our expectations are very high and he met them.

For contractors we retained Bill Tynan and Mike Roesner. So far, so good---but we are at the beginning of construction. I think they will come out shining.

I do not advise that you do a design/build. Hire the best architect and then search for the best contractors and best price... competition works on your favor. We retained our architect, Mike Stauffer, to interact with the contractors for their design questions as well as doing monthly visits to the site.

If you have questions or want to talk on the phone, do not hesitate to pm me.

All the best for your project!

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