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My wife and I have been here 3 days and so far combined we have about 75 bites. One day we did go to beach to watch sunset but put on bug spray. Maybe someone can give us some advise. Are they mosquitos or "sea lice" or something else? We see some little bugs running across us every now and then and not sure what it is. Right now itch spray and benadryl cream are our best friends. We have visited multiple times and never been hit like this.

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If you were bitten on your legs (up to your knees) while on the beach watching the sunset and didn't properly apply Deet-containg repellent to your lower extremities, those were sand flea bites. The sand fleas emerge as the sun goes down and the sand cools off; they can jump to just about knee-high.

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As OT described, sand fleas could be one of the culprits...I know where I live (on STX), the no-see-ums come out every afternoon, like clockwork, around 4/4:30 and are wicked for about 45 minutes, then they disappear (until the next day)! Mosquitos are around and bite (at least ME!) all day long. DEET works, of course, but I have recently discovered a homemade recipe of witch hazel, coconut oil, Lemon Eucalyptus oil, and vanilla extract that also works for mosquitos (not so much for the no-see-ums and not sure about sand fleas)...you just have to apply it more often than a DEET repellant. I was told when I first moved to STT 10 years ago that the reason the mosquitos went after me was because I was new on island, and that after a period of time I wouldn't have as much trouble with them as I was having - WRONG! Which, of course, I politely told everyone would be the case. No matter where I have lived or for how long, I am a mosquito magnet!! Try the homemade repellant and see if it works for you...otherwise, DEET may have to be your best friend here!!

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Afterbite is pretty good after mosquito bites

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I use either coconut or grape seed oil for no nos. it doesn't repel but they get stuck in the oil film and can't bite and is good for your skin.
I want to try Pliatesgirl recipe. Where do you get your eucalyptus oil?

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