can I build my own ...

can I build my own house?  

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I keep getting the run around on this topic...can my husband and I build our own home on property we own? if so, what actual permits HAVE to be filed if any? we are both retiring from commercial construction on mainland and have no intentions of getting licensed on island, even though it seems a bit lucrative at the moment...any words of advice?

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You will definitely need a full building permit with electrical and plumbing to do any type of building and depending on where your property is located you may need a czm permit as well.  DPNR has more info on both.  If you hope to get a CO then you are going to have to use locally licensed tradesman.   

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Get in contact with a reputable Architect. They’ll be able to file for permits, and manage construction. It’s important to have a “local” connection to take you through all the Ins & Outs. Plus they’ll be able to point you in the right direction as far as code compliance and have contacts with local tradesman if needed.

You can build yourself, but it won’t be like any project you’ve done in the states. It will take much longer and cost more than normal construction your used to. Build heavy & build strong to avoid paying huge insurance premiums for hurricane insurance every year (3-4% of total value of house is not uncommon)

If you don’t own property already, you might look into a complete renovation of something already existing. Stay within the old footprint and you won’t have to contact anyone. There are loads of great “fixer upper” opportunities everywhere here. There are still some existing parcels left with only foundations left behind from Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

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