Closing on our hous...

Closing on our house and moving in just three weeks  

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Thanks to you guys for all your advice earlier when we were househunting back in Jan/Feb. We found a very unique home we fell in love with and are closing and coming down at the end of the month. We'll be coming back to Michigan for the summer before going back permanantly later this year to St. Thomas.

We're currently calling insuance companies to get quotes on windstrom and other home insurance - any firms to avoid or that you'd recomend? Any opinion on Theo. Tunick & Co. in particular? All all the firms in the VI brokers? Making sure a provider has a huge balance sheet and diversity in outstading geography of insurance placed is obviously a big deal for us (as it should be for anyone).

Any other common things that people moving to the VI for the first time usually forget or don't think to do early enough? The home is furnished and has a tenant moving out, so it's well taken care of. We wanted to have a used car all picked out to buy when we came down, but for whatever reason while I'm told there are many car dealerships on St. Thomas, I literally cannot find a single one of them online to check out. I don't want to come down with nothing, but I really have no idea where to look. We want something pretty specific, but it's common in the USVI (Jeep Wrangler).

We've very excited. We absolutely love the people and the culture of the island. It's not just about escaping Michigan's 6 month winters, but that's certainly a nice benefit.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Chris & Nicole

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Congrats! Sorry, but I have no knowledge of the things you are requesting advice. I found both the cars we drove while here either in the Island Trader or word of mouth. The Island Trader has a website, though, and the used car dealers advertise there. That may be a good place to start.

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I believe that Theodore Tunick & Co is an agent, not an underwriter. It's the underwriter's ability to pay that you care about. For example: Lloyds of London.

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We found windstorm to be very expensive and at the time we were shopping they would only allow a very few new policies to be written. If you have access to USAA, this would be a great option.

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Depending on your age, you may be able to qualify for AARP Home Owner's Insurance (think it's 50 and 0ver). They have an office in PR that does this. AARP Real Property & Casualty Insurance /Real Legacy Assurance - 1-800-433-0881.

I also use Kreke Corporation who is an Underwriter - Contact Marilyn Kreke.
Their location in the Guardian Blgd. in Havensite, STT
Insurance is expensive here but you seriously do not want to be without it.
Pre-Hugo (1989) my windstorm Insurance for my house was $800.00 annually.
I now pay close to $4000 for that same house that is now a rental property.
I pay more for the home I now live in. Not cheap by any means.

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