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Current Prices in the Virgin Islands 2016  

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I'm thinking of moving here soon and was wondering what the prices were currently for some items since the article that they have up now is outdated.

I was looking for the price of:




Currently the price on Eggs is up because of the virus scare we had in the U.S.

Gas is down for us and I was wondering if that was the case to the the Virgin Islands as well.

Electricity, just the average cost if that's not too weird. I can't seem to find it listed anywhere.

Thank you!

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Gas in STT is still around 2.99 tho I did see a lower price yesterday at one gas station. STX is around $2.69 a gallon.

Can you believe that Tortola has gas prices at $2.39?

Depends on what type eggs you want, organic or not, quantity:12, 18, 24.

You'll learn to shop around as prices vary for food items.
If you're from FL, food here way more expensive, if Northern CA may be comparable but freshness, quality and variety won't be.

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The average of a grocery basket costing an average of 30% more than average stateside has remained constant over the years. Prices fluctuate here just as they do in Anytown USA.

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I THINK for 1 1/2 doz eggs i paid 5 ish. 1/2 gal of organic milk is about 6 ish

2.69 gas

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For food items, multiply your current expenses by about 1.35, and that would be approximately what you'd spend in VI.

Why $1.35? Sorry, completely new to the way the Virgin Islands prices work.

Almost all the food items in VI are imported (i.e. transported on barges from mainland). Thus the markup.

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Milk all percentages $5.99 most places per gallon.

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