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Demonstartion outside Government House on STX

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There is going to be a demonstration outside Goverment House on Friday from 12 - 5. I am not involved in the organizing, but I am definetly supporting this. The owner of Cohiba Restaurant s about to close because of his WAPA bill. He is asking that everyone, especially small business owners come out and show their support.

WAPA bills are more than rent and staff in some business'. We cannot live in this environmet! Some business' have alreadyy closed. Many have cut back hours and salaries. Please come out and show your support! We need to be one strong voice in letting the governor know we desperately need help!!!

Posted : September 25, 2008 12:39 pm
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A little off topic, but when I was near Sunny Isle yesterday, I noticed a new restaurant opening where Fish & Tings used to be, in the little building right at the intersection of 79 and 70. Now what makes that person think they will be successful, that they will make enough to cover their WAPA, etc? It appears to be totally enclosed, meaning air conditioning. Cohibo doesn't even have that. Their usage would have to be lower than a lot of other places, and yet they can't make it. The idea of opening a restaurant, in this economy, in a location that already didn't work for the previous owner, when restaurants are famous for failing in the first year...I don't get it. Also, it would appear to be West Indian cuisine. I say that because the name was Cruzana. So, it's not something different, special or a chain that has a following already. Just an observation.

Plus I wanted to bump up this thread!

Posted : September 26, 2008 1:05 pm
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One of the things Ric did in the states was buy, recondition and sell used restaurant equipment. Sometimes he would buy and sell the same equipment several times -- people who don't have any idea about business think they can run a restaurant just because they can cook!!

Posted : September 26, 2008 10:04 pm
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