Freedom City Surf a...

Freedom City Surf and Grill closing in St. Croix?  

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I hope this is just a horrible rumor, but I heard DPNR fined them for the skateboard ramp and they will be closing?

I cannot find their website.

Does anyone know?

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Surfing / Skating is not a crime!

Surfrider Foundation,
local chapter,
might be worth a call,

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They were fined for not having a permit for the skateboard ramp. And had to take it down.

A couple of months ago they were given 30 days notice to move out by the property owner. Rumor was they were way behind on their rent. And are trying to make arrangements to catch up.

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They just posted on Facebook on Tuesday inviting people to come to movie night on Friday.

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They were $25,000 in arrears on their gross receipts taxes too.

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