Hay fever  

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Ice Water
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Good evening all,
So after 10 hours of loading a trailer in -30 weather, having a sick work team, and an additional 20 hours of schlepping boxes and packing (not to mention 5 hours of sleep in 72 hours) I'm sick. Eww...
While laying here miserable the thought of pollen crossed my mind...
How high is the pollen count? Do lots of people suffer allergies? Or are the trade winds enough of a blessing that it really isn't an issue?
(sorry if my thoughts are muddled - sick sucks :-()

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Here are pollen and mold counts from St Thomas. Saharan dust can be a problem too.


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I've lived in 3 distinct "climate" areas on Stx, have dust/mold allergies and all 3 areas presented one or the other. Best thing is to get sun and seawater up your nose! on a regular basis.

East Ender
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Icy: Lots of pollen, allergies and asthma. You might want to check Dr Shapiro's pollen count: http://www.entvi.com/Pages/NavBar/620.html And in the early summer there is always the Sahara dust plague to comfort us.;)

Sorry moving has run ya down, hope you are back tip-top soon. 🙂

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I've been down here for a week now and breathing better than I have in ages in wet, western Kentucky.

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