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Me again... still planning the move!

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hello again! hope you guys don't get tired of seeing me here!

i have so many questions regarding my move, but i'm tackling them one at a time after priroitizing. anyway... in colorado, i owned a private security company for 8 years. i've also owned an apartment make-ready and general cleaning service, and have done a lot of other things as well. so how is it with starting a business there? what beauracracy am i going to be up against? are the general licensing requirements more stringent there than here? what about hot-dog vendors... any there? at this juncture, i'm entertaining just about any idea that will keep me in the basics.

one more thing... what is the price of cigarettes there (ha! my only vice, other than food and coca cola!)

Posted : January 3, 2011 11:56 pm
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Do a search of this forum for "business license" and see what others have had to say. It can be kind of a bit¢h of a process. It involves several government agencies and they don't seem to work well together. So just plan on it taking some time to get (2-6 months depending on the kind of license). There is a website for the DLCA (Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs) that you can check out. It's not very complete, but it will give you an idea. DLCA

Smokes??? They are pretty cheap. Around $22 for a carton of premium brands. Makes it harder of a vice to give up at that price!

Posted : January 4, 2011 7:29 am
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