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Are there any rules or regulations governing the operation of a business from a home in the VI?

The need for a business license (and fire inspection) is understood, but, beyond that is there any other things to be considered? Zoning?

We have a successful internet-based business that we run from home or wherever in the world we happen to be.

Is there any legal or regulatory stuff we need to be concerned about with a home office/business in the VI or is it pretty much wide open?

Topic starter Posted : March 25, 2022 3:59 pm
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I'm no expert as we are trying to get a business license here ourselves from our home.  You probably will not need a Fire inspection, what you will need is a lot of patience.  You need to get your LLC first approved for around 400 dollars and is really quick.  Then you can apply online for your business license for another 300 and play the waiting game.  We had our VIPD and DPNR portion approved within a week, now 6 months later we are still waiting.  I thought I read they removed the BIR check, but it's still showing as not approved as well as the other three approvals needed.  I'm calling next week as they do not respond to any emails and have no way to contact the individual handling your application on their web portal, which is crazy.  They wonder why no one wants to start a business here.  You can use an attorney, but they wanted 1500 to do the application and maybe it might be quicker, I don't know.

Posted : March 26, 2022 7:20 am
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