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Hi all,

We might be relocating to the USVI, but must consider all ends and that includes our two daughters and associated education costs. I cannot find any information on quality of public schools on either St. Croix or St. Thomas, but our prospective employer only mentioned privates. Would any of you share your experiences with public and private schools (especially the catholic schools)? Thanks!!!!


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Its unlikely that you would want to send your kids to a public school on either island. They are mostly in very poor condition since the government is bankrupt and can't afford to maintain them nor pay the teachers a decent wage.

The private schools on the other hand are excellent. Sorry, I don't have any experience with catholic schools.

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there are 2 elementary schools that have ranked very high. ricardo richards and pearl b larson. both on stx

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Here's the link for VI Dept. Of Education.
Depends on age of kids.
Sibilly in a great public grade school.
Not sure I'd advise a public high school.

Other schools on STT are Sts. Peter and Paul, All Saints and Lutheran which are all parochial. I went to Sts. Peter and Paul. Got and excellent education there at the time.

2 excellent and expensive private schools located on STT are Antilles and Montessori. I believe both have reduced tuition fees for those that qualify.

Y'all really need to figure out which Island suits you.
STT and STX are similar but different. I think STT has more to offer, easier access to St. John for a day trip either by ferry or car barge, easier to fly in and out of, lots of sailing, fishing, diving, easier access to the BVI by ferry plus just more to do.

Plus it's best if you figure out where kids will be going to school in relation to where you'll be working, then find some place to live that's not an arduous commute unless you have 2 cars and one spouse can deal with picking up and dropping kids for school. You're still not going to want an arduous commute, in any case.

Is the company that you'll be working for have locations on both islands?
Have you been to either island, previously?

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Thanks for the info ... the company has locations on both islands and we are not sure where they will put us ... my husband has been to St. Thomas but not me, so I am super nervous about this all ...

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