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Interested in a 3 month PMV in St Croix?


Kim Lucas
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June 9, 2021 4:50 pm  

I have a one bedroom apartment with pool that will be available from July 4 - Oct. 1.  Perfect for a single person who likes cats (there are 5 that live on the property - our tenants in the main house will be feeding them, but they are very friendly and will likely adopt whoever is in the apartment).  The apt. is really cute, is AC'd, and has a great outdoor area that you share with the adorable couple that lives in the main house.  You'll be responsible for half of the electric bill, which shouldn't be too much since we have 16 solar panels.  Rent for the three months will be $4500.  Your lease will be from July 4 - Oct. 4 - but you'll need to be out by Oct. 1.  The home is on the east end of St Croix in a very nice neighborhood  - and the view is absolutely AMAZING.  If you're interested, PM me.  

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June 9, 2021 11:44 pm  

Hi Kim,  this post would do better in the Classifieds forum.

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