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Hi! Planning a relocation to STX later this year. What's the status of Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center?

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Hi hear they will be bring down the tents. You can still use the hospital but I have heard that for serious things you need to go to Puerto Rico or stateside

They are also talking a out whether it needs to be rebuilt or not.

So really, nothing concrete

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Mobile unit info below. It will be coming from New Jersey.


Virgin Islands is sharing in $89 billion in disaster recovery funding approved by Congress and signed into law by Trump on February 9. Rebuilding both VI hospitals is included as part of this funding.

USVI Stands To Receive Billions Of Dollars From $89 Billion Disaster Aid Package

The hospitals are not going away - discussion is whether to repair or replace and what that will look like.

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Map has been wanting to replace the entire JFL hospital building for some time now. We'll see if he gets his wish or if they repair/rebuild the existing building.

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WOW---Welcome back in advance. Still have the dive light! Hope all is well with you.

Some different doctors, and I use a different pharmacy. Medicare covers on islands as it used to. Some issues as post-storm but things should improve as facilities get more available.

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