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Hi All,

I was wanting to get some input/ direction on the live aboards and marina's in STT. I will be workng 3-4 days a week when I move there, but I would like to become a very capable sailor. I know there are classes you can take fom Blue Water sailing school, any other thoughts.

I'm NOT going to buy a sailing vessel to live on at first but that is my goal. If anyone would like to show me "the ropes" I will be there for another PMV March 1-8th. I will be staying around the Red Hook area I think.


Posted : January 25, 2006 5:52 pm
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Hi William:

I am also investigating the possibility of living aboard in STT. I paid my dues in sailboats and I'm only interested in motor yachts at this point. But to each his own (or her).

I found a couple of resources to be particularly helpful. First is the Virgin Islands Cruising Guide by Nancy and Simon Scott, which is updated annually and is a veritable Who's Who of marinas in the US and British Virgin Islands. The only thing that irks me about the book is that despite it's $20ish cover price it's loaded with more ads than a magazine. Some of the narratives are trite, but think of it sort of like a Fodors for marinas in the VI's. Use it more of a reference book than light reading, and it's spiral binding makes it easy to toss about.

Caribbean Passagemaking by Les Weatheritt is also a great book - it's kind of a comprehensive guide to the Caribbean but has a lot of insight into venturing out under sail in these waters. The author raves about the sailing around the VIs - considers it no less than "sailing nirvana". If you sail here you'll probably be disappointed anywhere else on the planet. It's less of a reference guide than the other book and has some sagely advice from someone who has obviously sailed these waters for many years.

In terms of living aboard, is this a permenant move or a short term one? If it's permenant, I'd first suggest you sit down and make a list of every possession you absolutely must have at your side no matter what. Then tell yourself that you can only have half of those (or less). Can you live with that? Also, can you live with the anxiety of four months of potential disaster from tropical storms? The indignity of having to pay someone to pump out your blackwater tank every week or so? The inconvenience of breakdowns and the realistic challenges of finding affordable repairs?

Also, marina life is not for everyone. Personally I could never live cheek-by-jowl with other people like that, so little privacy. I'd prefer a mooring and be willing to give up conveniences such as shore power and telephone. Much cheaper too.

Just some things to think about. My PMV got moved back from mid feb to march - perhaps I'll see you down there scoping out marinas.

All the best,


Posted : January 25, 2006 10:20 pm
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the input. I haven't decided yet on long term or short....we'll just have to live the experience and then see what we see. Looking to simplify my life. I have a great profession that will allow me to be flexible and affords me the oppurtunity to do some not all of the things I want.....I still have to choose carefully my hearts desires.

I have a cruiser now, just don't get to use it much. To cold here half the year.

I think I will get a patch for the left eye and a parrot.....what do you think? Has that been done before, I think so.

I've been looking at some 50-60' sail boats, I think I can afford one that size and maintain it as well.....will need a sea worthy hand for sure......preferably someone that can teach me. I have checked into the Blue Water Sailing school.....we'll see.

Thanks again, looking forward to my new adventure, meeting new frineds and keeping some old ones as well.


Posted : January 26, 2006 12:11 am
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The marinas which allow live aboards here have long waiting lists for their slips. Better get your name in now even if you don't have your boat yet. The boyfriend went to Compass Point to inquire about a slip and was told it would probably be quite awhile before one became available. However, I believe there are slips for sale at Sapphire if six figures don't scare you.

Posted : January 26, 2006 12:18 am
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Sorry I've been away so long, hubby's health and just general all around depression .... can probably help you guys with this one. There are several options for sailing schools here right now if you are looking to do something here. Live aboards in marinas here, as noted above, are hard to come by and I have to agree with smartbomb. If you are going to put up with some of the problems inherent in living aboard you might as well go the whole route and live on the hook. At least your neighbors are far enough way to make some of the problems worthwhile.
Email me with questions if you like or call me at 774-3944.
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Posted : January 26, 2006 4:12 pm
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Thanks Pam,

Nice talking to you. My Email is, Looking forward to my next PMV March 1-8th.


Posted : January 26, 2006 5:01 pm
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