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How is he doing now? Did you manage to track the owners down? I love boxers and hope he hasn’t been abandoned.

Posted : September 28, 2011 11:49 am
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The little guy is doing great and receiving boat loads of love. He hit the jackpot! No way this guy was going to go without! All is well......Peace!

Posted : September 28, 2011 1:13 pm
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I wish the shelter was full of bad owners, encarcerated, instead of full of dogs and cats that have been abandoned and/or abused by bad owners, but the reality is that our island is plagued with irresponsible pet owners. Whether it is due to a lack of compassion, a lack of education, a lack of money... or whatever cultural excuses people constantly come up with, it is still a crime. You would not believe what comes through shelter doors on a daily basis and the "stories" many relinquishing owners have to tell. I'm not saying there are not some valid ones... rarely there are... but by far the majority are criminal in their lack of caring and the condition these pets come in in is horrible. Its so sad. I've seen this beautiful boxer and I choose to believe he/she had an owner that loved loved loved him/her. Where is that person and why have they not come forth, I can't imagine but the condition and temperament of the dog does indicate that it was well cared for at one time. I hope its new home is a happy one and if its owner comes forth to claim it, that he/she is worthy.

Support our Animal Shelter. They do a great job in very very difficult environment and until our community changes its ways, they will need our help. ADOPT!

Posted : September 28, 2011 1:37 pm
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The Boxer (Supa) has been returned to his family, a very thankful long time banker here on STX, Banco Popular. Supa had been vacationing with a wonderful couple that became attached and was very disappointed to say good bye. There was much sadness and joy in the scenario......much!

THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY YOU CHIP YOUR ANIMALS!!!!!! The two weeks of discomfort could have been resolved the next day with a chip.

The owner told the story of nicknaming Supa "Thunder" due to the fact he bolt's during storms! Even more reason for CHIP!

The owner and family are very well mannered, educated and kind. Most appreciative and missed Supa greatly! Connected to Internet, Facebook and still did not know how to search for missing pet. Supa's second mom, neighbor, saw his picture at Five Corners Vet and relayed the phone number.

I feel for the temporary keepers, as each day passed, felt the owner's were not going to surface and became evermore attached to Supa. I am sorry, but, you provided a wonderful home for him and I am sure deep down Supa appreciated his time with such caring people. Thank you!

To the very wonderful Realtor that assisted with placing Supa, Thank you! You should know you performed a wonderful deed to take the time to care, Thank you!

To all of the wonderful people of this board.....................IT WAS A WONDERFUL FEELING TO KNOW SUPA WAS RETURN WITH GREAT JOY TO HIM AND HIS OWNER'S!!!!!!

Thank you! 😎

Posted : October 2, 2011 3:01 pm
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