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Please don't expect the fast food restaurants to be even similar to the stateside counterparts. I frequent Villa La Reine McDonalds because I work nearby. They have been out of chocolate and strawberry shakes, apple pie and cinnamon for oatmeal for months. The place is filthy. They burnt my english muffin and I knew it because I smelled the burnt bread through the bag before I even opened it. When I complained to the manager she said" I don't know the owner's name. They are off island. I don't know the owner's number. They are off island. I don't know when the owner will come back. They are off island. They are off island. They are off island..." I called corporate headquarters and they told me to call 340-773-3119 which is a DISCONNECTED number. I called corporate headquarters back and they said all they can do is give me the disconnected number. I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN!

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The McDonald's restaurants in the Vi are actually impeccably maintained, clean and well funded. The problems with burned muffins, slow service and bad attitudes stem from the staff, not the owner. Fast food is only fast if the fast food staff move at a fast - or even reasonable pace - if everyone working is trying to break a "slowness" record then no establishment in the VI will survive. Nevertheless, I don't think that McDonald's is going anywhere.

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I too have had many frustrating experiences at the local McDonalds. However, I'm much healthier than I would be if their service was faster or on par with the mainland. Although lately I've noticed an improvement in serving times since there are so few people left on STX to eat at McD. Often. I'm the only one in line these days.

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i'd guess (wildly) that STX lost 5% of its population after Hovensa closed, but the ripple effect is much larger. People are spending, shopping, eating out, and driving around much less.

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I guess according to some you should have "assumed" and "expected" to be living in a third world country. Silly you.
Remember this when you see one of them complaining about something here. Can you say hypocrites?

I was referring to 'expecting service to improve' and 'assuming the items would return soon' -- nothing related to a third world, only the frustration that was expressed - I doubt I will ever feel like a hypocrite on this forum when I post a comment - and I rarely remonstrate criticism of my opinions.

Wel, sorry EZ. But it sure looked like you and OT were ganging up on the OP. We all need to vent some times because of service here or lack thereof. Ball busting doesn't help.
And the fact that these people don't get paid enough to care is BS in any situation. My Grand Pappy always used to say " if you're not happy with your job then quit. Don't include everone else in your misery".

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I've eaten twice at Mc'D's on STX. The first was breakfast in 2005 at the La Rein shop because we thought we could get a quick meal. We had planned to eat at the Salt river Marina before a kayak tour. The restaurant was closed. The owners were on vacation. We rushed to McD's to get slooooow service and bearly eatable food.
The second time we were forced by poor planning for lunch before a flight out to go to the McD's in Sunny Isle mall. The service and food quality were about the same as on the mainland. So it seems to depend more on the staff that the fact that they are in the VI's.

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