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My old Kentucky Home

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My wife and I are moving to STX at the end of February. We have bought a lot in Salt Riverand have just rented a house on the north shore in La Vallee(gotta have someplace to live while I build). I have been a general contractor for fifteen years, my wife is a wedding photographer.

We have been to the island numerous times in the past year in preperation for the move. During our travels and while reading various posts, I have noticed a large number of people on island from Kentucky.

I am asking for the individuals from "My (soon to be) Old Kentucky Home" to drop in a post.

Posted : December 9, 2005 1:40 am
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Ric and I are from Louisville. Our families still live there. Let us know when you get here, we'll meet for a drink.

Linda J

Posted : December 9, 2005 10:10 am
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Many years ago, but I went to Centre

Posted : December 9, 2005 2:29 pm
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I'm from KY - Lexington! I now live in Charleston, SC, but will be moving to STT in May!

Posted : December 9, 2005 4:20 pm
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My wife is a Centre Grad ('97 I think) as are many of my friends.

Posted : December 9, 2005 5:18 pm
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Sweet! I ran into Milton Scarborough's daughter at a STX restaurant bar a few years ago--Indies, where one of the then-owners was from KY--she was on her honeymoon--I was at Centre soon after her dad began teaching there (that kind of dates me for those who know).
Further on the small-world factor--when we bought our house in STX, the man who at that time owned the house next door had attended, though not graduated from, Centre, about 10 years before me. I found that pretty incredible (to put this in perspective for those others who might be reading this, my entire graduating class from this small but excellent college was less than 200 people!).

Posted : December 9, 2005 7:24 pm
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i'm glad i saw this on here. I live in versailles right now and am planning to move to stx by march or april... i'll be making many trips out there in the next couple of months looking at property and schools for the kids. so maybe we could hook up with som kentuckians...let me know...thanks again

Posted : December 11, 2005 1:28 pm
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You can find LindaJ and I just about every Saturday evening at Off the Wall. I the guy who looks like Santa Claus working his summer gig.

Posted : December 11, 2005 2:03 pm
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I'm moving to St. Croix in Jan. for temp. job from Kentucky. I'll be glad to see more people there from Kentucky.

Posted : December 12, 2005 11:48 pm
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