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Needed Transportation

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Moving to the island last week of April need to purchase transportation.
What are the pros and cons of a scooter on the island?
or need to purchase inexpensive automobile, truck or...?

Thanks for any lead or information.



Posted : March 25, 2004 11:26 am
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Island? Which one?

Posted : March 25, 2004 11:34 am
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I suppose it depends on how you intend to use the vehichle.

It seems to me like a scooter as your only vehichle isn't real practical. All 3 of the islands have their share of steep hills. You probably don't want to be on a scooter when it is raining (for both safety and messy reasons). You can't exactly get a week's worth of groceries on a scooter. Etc, etc.

Posted : March 25, 2004 11:48 am
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Hello JB,

Overall for all the islands a car is the best bet. Some people like trucks or SUVs or jeeps - but a car is fine.

A scooter can work to some extent but as mentioned not much room so you will have to shop daily, hard to do laundry if your apartment doesn't have facilities, if it rains you are stuck - sure you can work around these things - some people function here with no transportation at all. The most critical aspect of scooter use is safety - roads are steep, curvy and drivers aren't saavy to sharing the roads with scooters or bikes. Not to many scooters being used as a main form of transportation in the VI.


Posted : March 25, 2004 2:26 pm
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Thanks all for your information about scooters and cars, We will be moving to STT on the 28th of April and our jobs are in the down town area (hopefuly in a kind of flat area). The scooter idea is just for the temp. and then a car, maybe keep the scooter for short trips. thanks again, again anyone has a small car cheap ? e-mail us. Maybe a jeep! thanks,

Posted : March 25, 2004 3:50 pm
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