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New job relocation for son

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My 19 year old son has accepted a job with a solar company with a guaranteed minimum 1 year contract for USVI. I don’t have complete details at the moment but I need some advice on what he would need on all aspects with moving for his job. The company he will be working for is providing housing for him and all the other employees relocating for their job.

As a mother I just want any and all advice to assure he is prepared for his stay there. I know the question seems vague but it’s the best way I can explain for the moment until full job information is available. All advice is appreciated and I’ll gladly answer any questions within my knowledge! Thanks so much!!

Posted : July 16, 2022 9:13 am
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Will he need a personal car/truck on the island? If yes, auto insurance for drivers 25 years old or less can be quite high here. Also finding a reliable car can be tricky.

He may be young enough to still be covered by your health insurance. If yes, check to make sure he will have access to coverage on the island. Some HMOs are geographically specific. 

There are no individual health insurance plans available in the Virgin Islands so he may want to secure a policy where you live if he's not on your plan. ALSO, you will want to invest in evacuation insurance just in case he required health related air transport off the island (@$500 annual coverage).

If the island employer offers health insurance I'd ask to see the plan. 

Health care on the island is available but limited in services offered.

Should be a great adventure!

Posted : July 16, 2022 12:42 pm
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He should ask his employer if the housing that is provided includes internet service as well as electricity and water.  If not he will money for deposits when he sets up his accounts.  Same for cell phone service, if he plans on getting one.

Another thing to find out is the housing furnished or unfurnished.


Posted : July 16, 2022 1:52 pm
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Which island?   I guess some of my biggest concerns that I’d want clarity about have to do with the employer and the specifics of the contract.  I’d want to make sure they are a solid company.  Pay their employees.  Licensed, insured, etc.  If the housing is provided, does that mean they provide and pay for it?  What kind of housing is it?  What does it include?   What is the pay rate and frequency of pay?   What does the contract state if he leaves before the contract expires?   Island life is different.   And it really just doesn’t suit some people.  

Posted : July 17, 2022 2:00 am
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Which island?  What town?  He needs to be sensitive to the crime issue, at least on St. Croix and St. Thomas.  It’s mostly gang and drug related but you don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Practical advice, make sure your cell phone plan includes the USVI, that he has health insurance, a car will almost certainly be needed (can be expensive and rental isn’t an option at 19) and I’d want to see the housing before I accepted the job (maybe that’s just me).  I’d open a local bank account as well, I’d recommend the Bank of St. Croix, if that’s the island he going to live on.

Not sure if this is the first time your son has been away from home, if so that’s always a risk.  That said, it should be an amazing experience.  Do stuff like this when you’re young, it will change your life (in a good way).  Nothing is better than than traveling alone, it forces you outside of your comfort zone and teaches you how to survive on your own which builds self confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  I think every young person should do something like this.

I wish him the best of luck on his journey.

Posted : July 19, 2022 7:09 pm
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