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Newbie Report: 5 months so far on STT

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About three months ago I posted my initial impressions of STT life -- and after reading what a few obviously misguided (naive?) posters have to say on here, I'd like to share a few more things I've learned ---

Things I hear again and again --- do a PMV; save up money before you come; think twice about shipping your car; gov. infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired; violence/poverty abounds -- this and more is all true and more.

2. As a school teacher I would advise any parent to think carefully about the schooling options on STT.
If you are used to stateside schools, STT will most likely leave you disappointed. Although our schools are full of dedicated teachers and administration, "island time" pervades everything from dispersing important government-funded monies to updating school facilities. I teach in a private school so I cannot speak from personal experience as to the condition of STT's public schools, but what I've heard is not good.

3. Violent crimes abound. It's scary.

4. STT is not as exotic as you may imagine; after all, this is America. However - it is so. damn. beautiful.

5. Many natives and locals are very friendly and will lend a hand when you're in need.

6. If you have a nice car that you are able to store somewhere stateside, do not bring it here. The roads will eat it up. I left my Subaru behind with family and bought an island car. Best decision ever.

I have more to say, but unfortunately I have to catch the 11:00 am ferry to St. John --- snorkeling and sun-bathing --- just another (sigh) day in paradise.

Topic starter Posted : January 1, 2011 12:54 pm
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Happy New Year BtBT! Enjoy the things you can while you are here (including sunning on New Years!) and thank you for checking in.

Posted : January 1, 2011 1:32 pm
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thankyou for you input

Posted : January 13, 2011 4:19 am
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Great post. Will be on STT for one year on Feb 17th, 1 year anniversary

Posted : January 14, 2011 12:28 pm
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