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Noseums and God's 'other' insects.

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Having made the islands my home of choice
I’ve no regrets on my decision.
The beauty and splendor of Caribbean living,
In my mind, leave no room for revision.
The dear friends made here have welcomed me
into their fold without scrutiny.
Had I attempted this in the states
The results would surely have been mutiny.
Yes, corruption and crime are here to stay.
Money talks, nobody walks.
Grease the right palm
and the right people will talk.
But the issues I have, with the island I love
Issues to which I much secumb
are the issues with the insects on the isle,
specifically, mosquitoes and noseums!
Stinking varmits is too nice of a name
for these tiny creatures of doom.
As I tap on these keys
Round my ankles they loom.
They jump. They land. They bury themselves
into my poor flesh, as they smile.
I feel their presence. I refrain from their charge.
But ultimately surrender, and while
away the hours, digging, scratching and cursing their existence.
Is this a Divine Joke for our fall into sin?
Or perhaps an unfortunate, and painful, occurrence
of living in paradise with the beauty and splendor
of the islands in the middle of the Caribbean?
Noseums not withstanding, mosquitos hold their place
in the ‘devour humans at all cost’
in the island entomological race.
They’re everywhere you don’t want them to be.
The middle of my back or my buttocks seems to me
where they most like to thrive on my precious blood.
I’m now down a pint or two
with no way to stem the flood
of them attacking me at every turn.
And, with every turn, my back and buttocks burns
from their relentless torture
which, by now, I should be accustom.
But, for reasons that escape me,
I endeavor to rebuff them.
Not spray, nor balm, nor electric swat
deters these pesky brats.
Even bathing in ‘Skin So Soft’
provides little relief to these thirsty gnats.
So, type I will, bout these ‘divine creatures’ and wonder all the while,
If our Lord in Heaven decided this,
And did so with a smile...

Topic starter Posted : October 8, 2010 2:50 am
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