ok....moving to st ...

ok....moving to st croix july 1st....what would you bring?  

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The move is all planned, shipping very little. Need your input as to what you wish you brought when you moved down there.............

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Bring more money - less of everything else.

Seriously, you'll find that you are always "looking for something" you can't seem to find on island when you need it and it's difficult to predict what you may need in the future so resign yourself to "doing without" or having the things you want shipped in on an as needed basis. You can't stockpile perishables, canned food products won't stored on your shelf for long periods of time (due to the heat), even inanimate objects deteriorate if they are not used n a reasonable amount of time and storage space is limited even in the larger homes. So don't waste your time, effort and money shipping stuff you may or may not use.

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Go on a shopping spree and load up on summer clothes before you come. Unless you like shopping at Kmart . Not many clothing retailers ship here as Target does not. Many will not accept VI billing addresses either. You may want to leave a credit card billing address at a stateside address. Also many household items that you need will cost almost double at Kmart here. I packed my container full of household items when I moved. I also packed lots of nonperishable foods to get us through the first month until we got settled. The prices are also double in the grocery store. Expect to pay $5.49 for a bag of chips like I did yesterday. Canned vegetables are $2.00 a can. Stateside you can usually get 10 for $1.00 or 2.00. If you are bringing a container, that is my suggestion.

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Pack lots of "small" items in different sized "lock & lock" plastic containers.
That way you will have lots of good airtight containers to use once you arrive.
If you want to keep food fresh, or metal items from rusting, etc. they are a great thing to have.
Much cheaper to buy in the States than here. I am so glad I packed lots of them when I came here!

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I wouldn't worry about bringing things -- bring $$$$.

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