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On island vs Off island furniture purchase  

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if its more cost effective to purchase furniture from either Island Empire or Silk Greenery vs ordering state side and having it shipped on Tropical from Florida. A couch, tv stand, stove, ect. I lived on island most of my life, but just wondering if its worth the effort to order furniture from off island. Nice furniture not Arabs stores : )

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well if you want NICE furniture....LOL

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Silk Greenery has very nice stuff IF you can afford it.
I have purchased furniture (ordered) thru Aego out in Bovoni and been very happy with what I ordered - Living room furniture plus a sleeper sofa for my office. I will not purchase from any Arab stores.

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I believe the prices at Silk Greenery are plus shipping on Tropical (at least that is what they told me) so we buy States side where the selection is greater and then ship.


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Curious, why will you not purchase from "arab stores"?

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