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Petsitter/Housesitter on STX needed Nov 1st-6th & x-mas

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We are going to be gone the first week in November and we need someone to stay at our place. The cottage isn’t fancy, no frills but it has essentials. We have dogs and 2 cats so animal lover is a must, just tolerating animals probably won’t do it since are dogs are pretty affectionate. If you need someplace to stay while getting settled here on the island or are thinking about planning a pre-move, or just want to come to St Croix for a visit this is you’re your opportunity to stay a for free. We are centrally located, close to the Northshore. We will also be leaving for a few weeks over the christmas break also (the dates haven’t been ironed out.) If you’re interested or know someone who might be please email me at


Posted : September 1, 2005 1:54 pm
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