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plans for a dock on White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

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Just wanted to let folks know that some entity is trying to get a permit to build a dock on White Bay, Jost Van Dyke (BVI). That's the beach where boaters love to go-- Soggy Dollar Bar, etc. There is a great deal of concern about the effect such a dock would have on that area.

There is an online petition against the dock which so far has over 6200 signatures. If you are interested in trying to stop this permit, go to

Topic starter Posted : July 5, 2007 9:45 am
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Do you know who is behind this? We spent 3 weeks at The White Bay Villas last Christmas and New Years. John Klein is a personal friend of ours. We are staying there in October as well.

However, we are planning a move to ST.Croix, Stevie and Matt Spencer are personal friends as well. Just want to hear the "Skivvy".

We would not be in favor of this dock,,, please send more information.


Posted : July 7, 2007 3:57 am
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I don't have much information on the situation-- I just posted this info in case anyone was interested in trying to get more information. I've read nothing that gives specifics on the dock-- size, whether dredging is required, etc.

Here's what a friend forwarded to me, but I do not know if this blurb contains hard facts (clearly the writer has a strong personal opinion about a particular person):

"Serenity in the BVI is under threat again! The "powers" that be have
decided that a certain influential individual should be allowed to construct
a dock in White Bay on Jost van Dyke. This island is home to only 150 or so
people. The former Chief Minister Cyril Romney - mastermind of the Dolphin
program (captive dolphins are kept in polluted water for cruise ship people
to harass), the Prospect Reef hotel fiasco (he sold timeshares at a place he
didn't own), and the main agent to get every cruise ship in the world to
come to the BVI - is now trying to get a dock constructed in beautiful White
Bay - home of the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar, Gertrude's and the infamous
Ivan's (as sung about by Kenny Chesney). There has never been a dock in
this area for a number of reasons - serenity, environmental concerns, etc. Now, Romney has
decid ed that he can get some more cruise ships to come to Jost van Dyke if
there will be a dock for the guests to get onto the island.
Currently, boaters have to swim ashore for food and drinks hence the name -
Soggy Dollar Bar. It's the draw to that bay. It's why people have been
coming here for years. Most days, there isn't enough electricity, water and
sewage treatment to take care of the local population much less any
tourists. If hundreds more a day were added to the mix, you can imagine the
dire consequences.

Please help us stop this infringement on Mother Nature and the BVI. Click
on the link below and sign the petition to stop the construction of this
dock. All of the online signatures will be collected and sent along with
the petition that is going on the island right now. Both will be presented
by Ivan to the Chief Minister and the Legislative Council soon."

Topic starter Posted : July 7, 2007 1:51 pm
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Just to add that we were there yesterday and I have to tell you they don't need no dock to attract folks. I have never seen it as crowded as it was yesterday in about 10 years. Was crazy. I have never stood in line to get a drink. Couldn't hardly find a place on the beach. Boats everywhere.

Posted : July 7, 2007 2:13 pm
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