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Police said to leave cookies

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I love all the people who think they can beat up the criminals and get by with it. If you leave them alive they will come back and shoot you. If you kill them, their friends will come shoot you. If you kill them and all their friends, well you may think you are a vigil ante, but you are just a murderer. The only solution is to pressure the police to do their job. That takes a lot of follow up and creating a whole movement with the entire community's involvement. Or you can just complain to a few stateside people and wish it away. I think that is what most people do.


Posted : February 20, 2008 12:53 pm
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Beefing up police protection treats the symptom, not the cause. Just food for thought.

Posted : February 20, 2008 1:15 pm
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Which is why, Teresa, I recommend joining STXCrimeWatch.com. And no, I will not let someone bust into my house and intimidate me with a gun. Not ever again. I am not a vigilante, I am not out hunting people, but I
WILL protect me and mine. Sorry if you don't like it, but this place is now my home, too. Those creeps and their cousins may shoot at me, but I WILL shoot back. I will no longer sit back and wait for the police. I want to be a law abiding citizen, but there is very little law here. From what I see, everyone gets a slap on the wrist and very few people actually get a jail sentence for anything. We have a mess in our yard, it is time we cleaned it up.

Posted : February 20, 2008 1:55 pm
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Chains, Concrete, Deep Ocean trenches. Protect you second amendment rights for the right to keep and Bare Arms. I have never wanted to fight anyone, But if you come to me looking for trouble, I will use every and all means available to protect My self and family. Crime is a fight and you had better be willing to get ugly, as fast as possible, to gain the upper hand.

A good rule of thumb when encountered with a knife is 21 feet, You may be able to draw a weapon and respond, anything closer and you will get cut before you can pull your firearm. IF they have a firearm pointed at you and you have no quality firearm training, you are way behind the power curve, you should give them what they want or risk the chance of getting shot or stabbed. I am a Federal Training instructor and have been in this environment for quite some years. I plan on relocating to St X in the future, Maybe I can help in the weapons department. If the fight starts" Never Surrender."

Watch me get Jacked while on vacation. Good luck to all of you.

Posted : February 20, 2008 2:25 pm
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antiqueone, I feel so sorry for you and your wife, and understand how you must feel. After being the victim of crime myself, (plus a couple of "incidents"), I found myself changing. First I felt shock and disbelief, then fear and paranoia that the person was going to come back for me, and finally intense anger and thoughts of revenge. Eventually that subsides a bit and life goes on, but you are changed forever.
(This has nothing to do with the USVI though, as I was almost killed on an island that has "no crime"!)

Posted : February 20, 2008 3:22 pm
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Nice post Chock and antique.....

Teresa I take it you haven't been "wrongfully" done yet....?This post isn't just about broken glass on a vehicle here?This a REAL problem...
Having a gun or knife pulled on you a few times will change your outlook I can ASSURE you, it's a sick feeling......I've had my fair share numerous times....

Alot of times I walked away from just talking them out of it.??

Other times I had to dig deep and **fight or flight** it's instinctive....But has existed since the beginning of time , It's just in a different realm now....

I and antique didn't say run around a shoot everyone? My post was out of twisted serious humor....however I ,as the rest here will NOT tolerate and stand by and KEEP handing over the cookies.....If you give resistance it makes a huge difference....I've grown up in it with all walks of life from crack heads to just rotten people and standing your ground and doing what is necessary........ it does work...
I've seen it first hand?

Posted : February 20, 2008 3:32 pm
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Combining the " Rodents/car wiring???" thread with this one, I have to wonder: If, in order to combat a rat problem, I leave food laced with rat poison on my car seat when I'm not there, and lock the doors to prevent small children from accidentally ingesting the toxic food, am I liable if someone breaks into my vehicle, eats the tainted food, and dies?

Posted : February 20, 2008 4:34 pm
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DNT, if you aren't, you should be. In the states it's called an "attractive nuisence (sp)"

Posted : February 20, 2008 7:20 pm
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Okay, I was reading these messages to a friend and could hardly contain my laughter.

Posted : February 20, 2008 7:44 pm
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This thread is a hoot.
Somebody wants your car radio.
The police want you to leave cookies.
And chockman wants you to blow them away.

Wish this board had a poll feature, because I'd ask:
How many of you believe you need a gun to live on your island safely?

Posted : February 20, 2008 11:53 pm
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Funny, I just mentioned to my husband tonight about this thread and how it had turned into a bit of vigilantism, and his only question was, " So did the cop tell him what kind of cookies she likes?"

Posted : February 21, 2008 12:13 am
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A locked car is not an attractive nuisance, although that doesn't mean you wouldn't be liable.

Posted : February 21, 2008 12:43 am
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Maybe I'm just starting pay more attention but I sure am seeing a lot of cars with plastic windows on the west end of this island.

We went back to the beach yesterday. We're trying not to let the incident change us much but, of course, it does to some extent... I've read and heard so many stories in the last few days - some of them pretty scary.

Whether to lock up the truck was not a concern yesterday 'cause, well, we don't even have a window! Had to think about where to park. Along the road, out of our sight but in public view? In our sight but well away from the road? Windows down just in case someone decides to throw a rock without even looking to see if it's unlocked? A sign in the window that says "Unlocked and Empty?" It's tough to leave an SUV completely empty when you go snorkeling.

We enjoy going to out-of-the-way beaches. We've seen so many stripped and torched vehicles along the beach accesses. They are everywhere. Don't the police recover stolen vehicles here? They seem to be just left in place as monuments to crime. I really don't want my truck to be one of those monuments but locking the doors only costs you money. Glass is expensive! We've seen a whole pile of computers and monitors lying in a heap all with stickers that say "Property of the Government of the Virgin Islands." No one seemed to care when we reported them and they are still lying there.

Having the glass busted and stuff stolen sucks - it's inconvenient and expensive. What was really stolen, though, is much harder to replace - the feelings of comfort, being at ease, and feeling relatively safe. We refuse to stop doing the things we really enjoy and just let the bad guys win.

We love this island! It sure does have some problems though...

Posted : February 21, 2008 3:15 pm
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Neil, you got it all wrong. Read a little further, as stated I don't want to fight anyone period, that crap hurts and yes I have a fairly high pain threshold. All I am saying is that if you want to carry a Firearm you had better know how and when to use it. Just because you have one does not mean it will save you from a dangerous encounter. Shooting someone for breaking into your car is a little ridiculous, However if you held the individual at gun point waiting for the Police, oh well. What are you going to do if the Person decides to run while you are waiting for the police, shoot them . I don't think so, they do refer to that as Man Slaughter. You can guess who would be found guilty. There is nothing wrong with protecting your Second Amendment rights, Believe the old saying that if you take the guns away from the Law abiding citizens then the crooks will be the ones who have them, That is nothing more than a statement of fact. The Aussies took them away and the crime rate rose higher, they started fighting with Swords, so what did they do, they made owning a sword illegal. You gradually look around and you will see that your rights as an American citizen are slowly being taken away one by one, little by little. The crooks have more rights than you do. If you Jack someone up for breaking into your vehicle they had it coming, just make sure you hurt them enough to be damn sure they won't forget it and don't ,want it again. If you disrespect the person by belittling them and BITCH slapping them around a little they will more than likely return, However if they receive a genuine ASS whipping that they will feel for days to come they more than likely will not return, If they do return after you put a good Ass whipping on them, It may not be a bad time to own a firearm. Not much of a religious person here but the good book does say an Eye for an Eye. If someone were to gravely injure a family member, That might be the time to use the deep trenches along the North Shore. We are all different and we are all unique, that's what keeps life interesting, If you were encountered with a life threatening situation, there is nothing wrong with the flight syndrome, live to fight another day. Live to have wonderful days in the Sunshine, It Snowed here last night, and no I will not miss it one damn bit. Don't walk around paranoid, but do be sure to know what and Who are around you. I like cookies, could you leave them on the roof of the vehicle ? If you are going to help the COPS, don't forget the Donuts and maybe Coffee.

Posted : February 21, 2008 4:26 pm
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The police do not put much priority in looking for stolen vehicles. They used to have a unit specifically for that but it was disbanded. Apparently the only "official" sort of car searching they do is by 3 or 4 cops who look for cars on their own time because they enjoy doing so. When the teefs teef your vehicle they usually stash it in the bushes somewhere and either strip it right then and there or wait to strip it. If you get really lucky, it won't get completely stripped and sometimes they will just stash it in the bushes for a bit until it is less hot and then start driving it around. When my car was stolen it wasn't found for 3 months and the only reason it was found was that some people who were cutting bush down recognized it and called me. Unfortunately it had been stripped completely with no hope of salvage. We told the police and they drove by, looked at it and then drove on. Another 3 months later I got a call from an officer who was following up on the theft and asked whether I wanted the car removed or not. I said I didn't care and I refuse to go to the site where the poor car was found so who knows if it was removed or not. And no, the teefs were never found.

Posted : February 21, 2008 4:59 pm
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Is it the same in the islands as mainland US, the police chief reports to the mayor? The mayor reports to the governor? The governor reports to whom? Is the governor of the USVI akin to the presidential role/authority in US?

Posted : February 21, 2008 8:27 pm
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The Governor is the governor just like a mainland governor.

What is the policy for obtaining a concealed carry permit?
As far as I can tell, you need to have a "legit reason" to obtain a CCP and fear is not a valid reason.

We need to place one of these in our vehicles.
http://tinyurl.com/2v2xmg or one of these:

Posted : February 21, 2008 8:41 pm
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Everybody reports to someone, But who is going to do something about it. My God the Island is only 26 miles long and they can't seem to locate vehicles when they are stolen. I have never had any trouble from them while visiting, Hope I don't need them soon.

I stay up on this board, and the Virgin Island daily news web sites, Anything I read about Law Enforcement, way down South in the VI, usually makes me laugh. They never seem to have any witnesses unless they are arresting one of their own. Hell everyone buy a gun, Trust no one, Admit nothing, deny everything and make false counter accusations.

You would probably confuse the hell out them with that statement, And they would have to release you for a lack of evidence. Since the Island is small say compared to Detroit . I wonder if they will let a White, Bar owner who would be making bank deposits have a license for a firearm. Thanks to GW Bush and some of the laws he has signed, a retired law enforcement officer is authorized to Cary. About the only thing he has done, Whoops that's another story.

Maybe the Local Law Enforcement needs a helicopter just for looking into the foliage. They could Fly circles and patterns around the Island, a lot faster than say 35 MPH or so while driving. Just make it a roving patrol.

Posted : February 21, 2008 9:08 pm
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Love thine enemies.

It's hard. And I have never been a victim of a violent crime. But we have to do this. It's not just rhetoric from the Bible, it's the answer. Why do you think these people commit these crimes? Because they're poor? Sure, that has something to do with it, but there are plenty of poor people who are not theives. It's because nobody cares for them. Not their parents, not their so-called friends, not there community... not even themselves.

I don't know how this all works out, but I do know all you need is love. I'm not a psychologist or a missionary or a hippie, I'm just a human. And when we take care of each other, we take care of ourselves. Hopefully, I will see you soon.

Posted : February 21, 2008 10:48 pm
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Well, we've just been down to the shooting gallery and passed our Firearm certification course. (Cost: $200)They were excellent and patient teachers, by the way. I have to admit I shot better than either of the security guards who took the course with us.......uh oh.

The application to carry requires filling out a form, a copy of your birth certificate, a notarized affadavit stating the purpose or circumstances for the request to carry a firearm, a copy of your valid and current business license if applicable, amounts of money or negotiable instruments you carry (eg weeks deposit slips), Documents as to any criminal victimization, eg a recent robbery or assault, and notarized affidavits from 2 credible persons demonstrating the applicant's need for a license to carry.

Target shooters, hunters and those just wanting home protection need alot less. There are record checks, fingerprints and the like.

Under the yes or no questions on the form, I was amused by (c) Are you a fugitive from justice? Hmmm how do you answer that??

Posted : February 21, 2008 11:15 pm
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antiqueone - I still have you beat with the question on the marriage license application:

referring to the man and woman applying for the license it asks:

Are you related?

And then without even skipping a beat and assuming the answer is YES, it goes onto ask:

To what degree?

Then the woman who was inputting the information from our application into the computer asked us the questions again and she quizzed us at least three times about to what degree we are related and she wasn't going to believe that we weren't blood relatives of some sort.

Posted : February 21, 2008 11:22 pm
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Alex, are you sure your not form Tennessee, Maybe you should have told them yes, we are related as husband and wife. No you would probably still be in line.

Posted : February 22, 2008 4:23 am
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Cert course costs $25 at gun club by boy scout camp. Much cheaper than D&J.

Posted : February 22, 2008 12:12 pm
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"amounts of money or negotiable instruments you carry (eg weeks deposit slips),"
So does that mean the police will deny the permit if your only going to be robbed of a little bit of money?

"Documents as to any criminal victimization, eg a recent robbery or assault"
So does that mean the police will deny the permit until after becoming a victim and your still alive?

"notarized affidavits from 2 credible persons demonstrating the applicant's need for a license to carry."
Is "lack of lawfulness among the citizens" a valid need?

"Target shooters, hunters and those just wanting home protection need alot less."
A lot less to carry or just less to own?

Posted : February 22, 2008 1:14 pm
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Alexandra~ That is just too funny!

heepajeep~ good observations. I was thinking as I filled out the applications that perhaps I should mention that I didn't have any cookies and anyway we are too close to anarchy here, but then decided maybe I had better not.

I love this island, but after living in 3 different states over the past 25 years and NOT ONCE experiencing violent crime of any sort this place is a real eye opener.

letahl~ I wish I had known that sooner. Could have saved a bunch!

Posted : February 22, 2008 10:36 pm
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