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April 14, 2012 10:50 am  

What time does the post office open on island on saturday?

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April 14, 2012 1:23 pm  

Which post office do you want to know about, and which definition of "open" are you using? There are:
Bulk Mail Acceptance Hours
Retail Hours
Last Collection Hours
Lobby Hours
PO Box Access Hours
Carrier Facility Hours

Here is info for some of the STX PO's:!input.action?address=00850&radius=20&locationTypeQ=all&tAddress=&tAddress1Ams=&tAddress2Ams=&tCityAms=&tStateAms=&tZipAms=&tCarrierRouteAms=&sWithin=20&sServices=&hoursSelected=%5B%5D&collectionBoxSelected=%5B%5D&collectionHoursSelected=%5B%5D&servicesSelectedBusinessOffice=%5B%5D&servicesSelectedOffice1=%5B%5D&servicesSelectedPassportOffice=%5B%5D&servicesSelectedOffice2=%5B%5D&approvedProvidersSelected=%5B%5D&allLocationsSelected1=%5B%5D&allLocationsSelected2=%5B%5D

Click the PO that you want for specifics. Or better yet, call the PO to confirm their hours.

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