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I am new to the island as well. I was forewarned of the public schools. I was a teacher in the states. I knew what questions to ask about curriculum and discipline. I researched the top schools and chose Good Hope for my first grader. He has adjusted well there. They do not believe in corporal punishment as I asked this at the interview. I felt comfortable there and have attended class a few times. I have also substituted there. The teachers are very friendly and the students seem to love being there. At assembly on Fri, the students were so well behaved unlike public schools in the states. GHS also provides arts and music which have been removed from many public schools in the states. I am very impressed with the school. Also the tuition costs a little less than Country Day. After my first interview and tour, I didn't even look at CDS. I know there are many more private schools but after doing research on the faculty qualifications I found all of their teachers hold a degree many of whom hold masters. Before choosing a school, go for a tour and interview the staff as well as research their credentials on their website. I would definitely remove my child from public school. Unfortunately, now that you have visited the school many times to "complain" (in their opinion), your child will be singled out in any classroom he is moved to as the child with the overbearing parent. This is common in many schools not only here but stateside as well. It sounds like the administration is backing the teacher which is a disadvantage. Not to mention the fear and trauma that has been instilled in your child when he goes to school. They have broken his trust as well as yours. This will effect his entire school career. Statistics show that children who have a good school experience in the first few years of school are more successful students. Weigh your options and ask lots of questions. Good luck.

Posted : September 11, 2010 2:53 pm
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Thank you Sandy. I'm actually visiting GHS on Monday. Hopefully they have room for my little guy, as I had been researching a bit even over the summer. I just can't get over this situation, especially after the principal, asst. principal, counselor AND teacher all pretty much attempted to back me into a corner asking if I spoil my child and should they just sit him in a corner all day and have him miss out on curriculum last Thursday at our meeting. Lucky for my boy, I had my claws shiny and sharp (and used them!).

I hope to have him in a better situation very soon.

Topic starter Posted : September 11, 2010 8:27 pm
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