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This post is to inform all residents of St. Thomas about the scandalous criminal actions of Anthony Mellone Jr, OWNER OF RAPID FITNESS. Since this man took over the gym last fall and PROMISED everyone that things would change, they did, FOR THE WORSE!!!!!

This man has bounced over 10K worth of paychecks, he bounced a 4K rent check to Nisky Center and a 3500.00 check to WAPA. The Marshalls have locked the facility down and Anthony is somewhere in the Bahamas as near as I can tell.

PLEASE PEOPLE---if you had bought a membership to the gym and have paid in full, GO TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE!! Report this man to the authorities!! Former Employees, take your bounced checks to the police and file charges against this crook!!!!

This man has put not only my girlfriend Liz, but Pilates Gal and others through the wringer with his promises of a better fitness center while all the time raking in membership money and not paying employees. I have turned him in to the S.E.C. for selling stocks in a business that is non-existent.

Do not let this guy get away the way Joeff Paradise did!!

I havve in myh possession, an abundance of paperwork that will implicate this man in enough criminal activity to send him away for a nice long time.

Questions? Email me at:


LINDA - - - when you read this, send me a private message for Liz and mines new phone numbers sweetie, WE LOVE YOU AND BARB!!


Topic starter Posted : April 19, 2008 4:41 pm
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I totally agree...I was fortunate to not be employed by Rapid Fitness, but was an independent contractor and did develop a class, set up a room for massage therapy/private Pilates sessions, etc., with the promise of things growing and becoming better....never happened.

I would encourage anyone who knows of employees who suffered from non-payment and bounced paychecks, as well as members who joined for the year and are now out a membership fee to report Anthony Mellone to the authorities. It may take awhile to find him and prosecute him, but it does need to be done. He will get his eventually....I believe in karma!


Posted : April 20, 2008 6:15 pm
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