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Good morning, I've been on STX for a couple of years now and I'm still driving on my Hawaii license, I'm still a resident of Maine and pay taxes there, I filed VI taxes. I own property in Maine and here.

I know I should get a VI license, but due to the state of health insurance here I have to keep my policy in Maine. So I am avoiding becoming a resident.

So my question are, am I breaking any laws?, are there any other advantages to residency besides taxes? are there other people who are avoiding becoming a "resident"?
Any light on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted : July 21, 2008 12:50 pm
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First Off I'm not an attorney, However Let me give my two cents (.02). The date you filed your VI Income tax started the clock on residency. I will assume that you paid Real Estate Tax in the state of Maine, that in itself does not establish residency. The Key to the word resident is" Permanent" that's where you hang your hat and call home. When you filed your VI Income Tax? you declared a permanent residency. If you only paid VI Real Estate Tax and leave the island every 90 days you're OK. You only have to go the PR for that status (get off the plane step on the Tarmac and get back on the plane.) Your Hosp Insurance in Maine may require you to be a state resident "Permanent" usually rates are based on where you live or call home. There is no such thing as a National Hosp insurance policy, except (Medicare, Tricare, VA, and a few employer related policies). One of the reasons that residency is important to the insurance companies is the usual and customary rates charged by the medical profession and facilities in a geographic area are as different as night and day. If the insurance company you have basis there rates that way , They (the Insurance company can deny your claim for services). Now most insurance companies have world wide coverage for,business, travel and vacations with a time limit on it, usually 90days. Your Hawaii Driver License is only good for 90 days unless you do the PR trip. A problem you could have with that ,again is with the insurance company "you will be considered a non-Licensed driver in the VI and they could deny your claims," (accident with loss of property, life, injuries etc.) So Good Luck and God Bless!

Posted : July 21, 2008 2:05 pm
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