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Safari Bus Rider Killed  

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Safety issues should be ruled on these buses to operate. No one should be in danger of losing their life from riding on one these buses.

Truly sad way of losing one's life.

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I've always considered those safari buses to be UNSAFE.

And I hope the family sues the VIPD, because they're always trying to place dirt on victims. It's always the victims fault according to the VIPD. I never trust anything that they say.

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VIPD should be punished for the false claims of intoxication. But I don't see the need to act any farther. There are plenty of unanswered questions that doesn't seem right. For one; how does anybody fall off without anybody else noticing? Especially her sister? Wouldn't she have yelled or screamed when she fell?

Nothing against the VIPD, or the victim and her family. I just get a little defensive, on any side, the moment somebody starts implying the need for more rules/laws after a single accident. The woman was an adult. She should take some responsibility for her own safety.

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I'd be willing to bet there was a pothole involved. We know how bad our roads are. So what if she was intoxicated: SHE WAS NOT DRIVING!

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I doubt a pothole in St John. Perhaps she passed out as to why she would fall out without screaming?

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