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Can anyone tell me about the private elementary schools on STT? Husband is considering job offer on STT, however, safety and schools are biggest factor.

Topic starter Posted : December 31, 2007 2:21 pm
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I think if you do a search and read through some of the older posts, you will find that private school is most likely the best option for schooling.

Posted : December 31, 2007 2:48 pm

Antilles is probably the most expensive & is very good, located in Frenchman's Bay on the south side. Montessori is another good one on the east end. I just drew a blank on the one downtown. 🙁

Posted : December 31, 2007 9:50 pm
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The school in town in All Saints and another is St. Peter and Paul. My daughter went to Montessoir and I was very happy there. PM me if you have any questions.

Posted : January 1, 2008 12:24 pm
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The web site for Antilles School is (I teach there).

Posted : January 1, 2008 1:25 pm
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"Antillean " or anyone that might have some information

I will be relocating with my family to STT in June. I sent a resume to Antilles in September of 2007. I know it was early, but I have worked within the school district in Alvin, TX for several years and I know how tough it is to get on with the schools. Can you tell me the most direct route to get on at Antilles? I know in our school district you usually have to sub or know someone to even get an interview. Is it the same on STT?

Posted : January 10, 2008 8:20 pm
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