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Scouting STT in May for pre-move. Advice job hunting?

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Hi everyone, I would appreciate some advice on my upcoming mid-May trip to STT. I have vacationed in St John few years ago and have always wanted to move to the VI. I think it's time now.

My purpose of this trip is to scout the area, look for jobs, housing, etc. Please, any tips would be well appreciated!

Peace & love,

Topic starter Posted : April 24, 2010 7:11 pm
Marty on STT
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Do a search for "PMV" (pre-move visit) and you should find tons of goof advice...basically, when you come down for a PMV, act like you are already living here (do NOT treat it like a vacation) by driving during the time that you would be traveling to and from work, go stand in line at the bank and inquire about opening an account, go stand in line at WAPA and see what you'll need to do to get power turned on in your name, go stand in line at the Post Office and check on P.O. Box availability, go to the grocery store (and stand in U see a pattern forming here?)...go to K-Mart and Cost-U-Less and PriceMart and Home Depot...and, believe it or not, stand in lines! Haha! Try to get used to greeting people by saying "Good morning/afternoon/evening/night", instead of "Hi, Hello, How ya doin", etc...pick up an Island Trader (for STT) and go check out the apartments available, check out a few used cars, check some Moving Sales...stuff like that. Post any questions here and you'll find many helpful folks replying....

Posted : April 24, 2010 8:20 pm
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Adding to what Marty says, try to stay in an "efficiency apartment" rather than a resort and unless you have very deep pockets stay somewhere away from the beach as that's the type of housing you most likely will find when (and if) you finally decide to relocate. While doing your PMV do everyday chores like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. as you'll be doing those type of things when you move.

Living on an island is not the same as being there on vacation. It's not necessarilly better or worse than where you are now, it's just different.

Drive around the island and look at housing costs that are in your price range so you know what you are getting into. Often, people are amazed at how much more housing is in the islands than it is for comparable places "back home". Same for salaries, check out job opportunitiesin your field of expertise to get an idea of the pay scale. The biggest Catch-22 of island life is salaries are usually lower and living expenses are usually higher than you are used finding back on the mainland.

The longer you can stay for your PMV the better idea you'll get of what life is really like.

Posted : April 25, 2010 1:56 pm

Unless you have high in-demand skills (nursing, for example or a record of selling jewelry) it can be extremely difficult to secure employment until you're actually living here. Most employers are reluctant to make a commitment if you're not already here, and they prefer that you've been here for a while so they have some assurance you'll stay a while. It helps if you have someone here who can refer you.

Posted : April 25, 2010 7:01 pm
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