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Seamstress? Prison? University? North Shore?

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Good Day Everyone:-) well I'm getting serious about the move BUT I'm a nervous person when it comes to my money. I've always come -up with xtra ways to be productive and need some feedback. Just quit job #3 this winter and took the summer off from #2 still full-time at #1 and going back for some core classes in a few weeks. Who knows maybe I'll finish my RN @ USVI. Anyway, found a place on N SHORE RD by Vista Mar Condos. Questions 1) whats the ares REALLY like -I hear working class-OK 2) did Golden Grove really get expanded along with the Pretrial holding place 3) in REAL DRIVE / WALKcommute time how far and long to the jail facilities? 4)REAL TIME to the university? 5) what school district and public school for kids would they be in? ..................... NOW for the idea *-) I sew well and enjoy making clothing -- any seamstress or need for pretty print medical scrubs for the medical men on the island? Think there's a need or do most ladies sew? How about fabric stores and the like? I know lots of topics in one post but thanks for reading and answering.

Topic starter Posted : May 23, 2011 3:34 am
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