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Is where Schooner Bay used to be and they are supposedly opening on Thursday. It'll be interesting to see their selection.

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That's the word... should be quite the busy day for them!

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These guys know how to run a store so I'm excited to see whats inside. I hope I can get sandwiches again.

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I HOPE IT STILL HAS SOME OF THE FEATURES OF THE OLD SCHOONER BAY, like the salad bar. the baked goods, the nice deli. they also had a nice variety of vegis.

i too am excited to see it

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Stopped in today as we were driving by and there were 25 cars in the lot. Thought they were open but a gentleman told us that they were stocking and not open until Thursday. Looks like they have put a substantial investment in this place. Boy, some serious solar panels on both sides of the roof!

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