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Seeking Employment in Education/Electronics if possible

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Good Afternoon,

After 20yrs in the Military, its time to change career and head back home, St. Croix VI. It would be nice to have an employment setup or atleast an interview lined up. My arrival date will be around the end of May2006 to begining of June2006. Here are some of my qualifications:

- 1986-1990 (Ships navigation systems)
- 1990-2003 (Aviation Electronics to include radios/ radars/ IFF/ navigation/ GPS/ miniture and micro-miniture repair and much much more)
- From Operations to repair.
- 2003-PRESENT (Qualified Electronics Instructor at the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit/ Also Student Counselor for over 500 students at any given time)
- I am presently attending SIU to complete my core courses for a BS in Work Force Education and Development.

I enjoy teaching and I'm hoping to get involved with the Troops to Teachers Program if its avialable in St. Croix.

Of course, Electronics has always been my cup of tea, so my dream job would be a combination of both. If anyone has any info on where I can go or speak to, I would highly appreciate it.


I forgot, I'm also a Web Designer. Based and Licensed in Jacksonville, FL. I'm hoping to bring that business with me to St. Croix as well. You can see my work at .

Posted : January 16, 2006 7:32 pm
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